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TEFAF Maastricht


Paul Rem is Vetting member (categorie ‘Old Furniture’) at The European Fine Arts Fair (TEFAF) te Maastricht.
TEFAF is unrivalled in its standard of quality and in the methods it uses to establish the authenticity of every object on sale. Participating dealers are admitted only after a strict selection process. 


TEFAF’s ground-breaking vetting system involves no fewer than 175 international experts in 29 different categories. Paul Rem is one of those 175 experts and specialised in the categorie ‘Old Furniture’. He examines each object for its quality, authenticity and condition. Works of art that don’t meet the high standards of TEFAF are removed from the stands and locked away until after the Fair.
Besides, the Art Loss Register, the world’s largest database of stolen art, checks the objects against their lists of reported art theft. Thus enabling collectors to acquire works of art at the Fair with the highest level of confidence.
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